Oct 10, 2013

My Fitness Adventure - Why I Run

When we're young, or at the peak of our health,keeping fit is often the least of the things we prioritize.  It's the same with me.  Youth seemed equivalent to invincibility the way I saw it then.

Fortunately, way before I realized that my health and, my weight in particular, should be a priority, I was already into activities that involve working my two feet.  I love walking and hiking.  It's an easy step to then jog and run.

When I began putting on some flab and weight as I age, running was the easiest go-to activity that I can think of to fight the growing bulge and keep myself in shape.  Read My Fitness Adventure - the Beginning about how I started my journey to being fit.

 Here are some reasons why I like running among the other sports activities I engage in:

  • I can do it in my spare time.  The best thing about running is that I can do it whenever my schedule allows.  It is perfect for people who work, go to school, or are busy with pursuits and activities that keep a regular time.  
  • It's free.  No gym fees or club fees to consider in running.  Just put on comfortable running gear and... go!
  • I can do it anywhere.  As long as there is a road, a trail, or enough space to run, such as in the neighborhood streets, in community parks or track and fields, I can run.  Unlike many sports that need a court, a swimming pool, or a designated area, running can be done in any location.  It also does not need any special ground cover -- we can run in concrete, soil, or grass, to name a few.
  • I can do it at my own pace.   There is no instructor to urge me to do several repetitions of something.  There is no pressure to keep up with the rest of the class.  There is no immediate need to execute a backhand shot to return a ball, or flail those arms to keep from drowning.  This is particularly nice when as a beginner, we get tired easily from sports activities.  In running, we can slow down or stop to rest if we feel faint or uncomfortable, with no added embarrassment on our part.
  • I can do it by myself or with friends.  Running is perfect for people who like to run by themselves, or people who thrive on social groups and among friends.  I belong to the former.  I think running in perfect solitude can be therapeutic.  For the latter, organized runs and races are always a source of bonding, camaraderie and good healthy fun.
  • The scenery always changes.  I never underestimate the power of a good backdrop when I do physical exercises.  Visual cues are effective motivators.  I tried working out in a stationary bike at home and, even with the TV on or a good view of the garden, the workout is boring and arduous.  When running, the constant change in scenery keeps me entertained and the time just passes by pleasantly.

These days, I don't run as often as I want to, to my dismay.  My schedule is pretty tight and leaves no room for regular runs.  But running will always be one of my favorite sports activities.

It's easy to get into a running routine that suits our individual and personal needs and schedule.  For those who would like to pursue a more active and healthier lifestyle, start running.  Who knows, you might just enjoy it and end up running for keeps.

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