Oct 22, 2013

My Fitness Adventure - How to Take Up Running and Love It

It is amazingly easy to take up running as a favorite hobby or sports .  When I first chose to run, the first thing that I immediately realized was that all I literally needed were my own two feet!

The decision to take up running is probably one of the best decisions a person can make.  Not only does it promote good health and well-being, it is also a great way to socialize, unwind, and even have fun.  In my previous post, I have listed all the reasons why I like to run.

Once you have resolved to yourself that you will take up running, there are a few simple things that need to be considered.  These are to make your experience -- especially as a beginner -- easy, safe, and enjoyable.

  • Wear proper running shoes. They should fit your feet comfortably.  Not looks, nor price, just comfort.  Any signs of irritation when wearing a pair of shoes, when your feet are relaxed, is a major no-no, no matter how cool the shoe looks on your feet.  Imagine how your poor feet will feel when pounding the pavement with ill-fitted shoes!  Runners' World has some great tips on how to buy the right running shoes.  Personally, I prefer to run with very light shoes on.  The lighter the better.  My current running shoes is a  pair of Nike Lunarlon, in colorful neon colors, very light, and have see-through material at the sides that allow some breathing space for my feet.
         The NIKE Flyknit One+ Running Shoe (below) is the best running shoe of 2013.

NIKE Flyknit One+ Men's Running Shoe

NIKE Flyknit One+ Women's Running Shoe

  • Wear blister-free socks.  Surprisingly, the icon of comfort -- cotton -- is not a good idea as running socks.  You can easily get blisters while you run, making you regret your decision to take up running.  These days, a plethora of running socks have been designed to prevent blisters from forming.  There are soft socks that reduce friction as much as possible.  Some are made to support the heel, toes, and ankles.  Recent product releases now prevent odor from accumulating, are breathable, comfortable, all-weather, anti-slip, and can do almost anything but stand up.

ASICS Hera Eco Low Cut Socks are designed specifically for women's feet.

 Drymax Maximum Protection Run Mini Crew Socks offer the best protection against blisters

  • Wear proper running threads.  When you take up running,you need to wear comfortable clothes, the same clothes you would wear on any kind of workout or physical activities.  For women, a good support bra is needed to protect the protectables.  In running, one other important rule is to dress according to the weather:  Too little clothes on a cold or rainy day will send you to snifflesville, while too much clothes on a hot or humid day, together with your increasing body heat, will make you feel too warm and far too uncomfortable.
  • Plan your route. You can initially take up running at your own neighborhood.  You can widen your range later to the park or to community areas where there are wide open spaces for running.  The important thing is that you plan your running route with safety and convenience in mind.  If you are on travel and would like to run in the places you visit, use Google Maps to plan your running area.  Ask tips from the locals, such as the hotel receptionist, for best and safest places to run. 
  • Put fun into running.  Let's face it, running is less entertaining than, say,  chatting with friends or partying the night away.  It isn't Candy Crush or a movie that can really glue you to your seat for the next few hours.  To really enjoy running, you have to compensate for the lack of true entertainment and make an effort to put some fun into it.  You can listen to your favorite music with your head phones while you run.  These days, audio books can keep you glued to the pavement as you listen to the story.  You can also bring your favorite companion along with you  -- your best friend, boyfriend, or even your pet dog.
  • Keep the passion for running burning.  It won't hurt to grab a copy of a runners magazine, or surf online for anything related to running.  You can join groups and forums too.  This will keep you informed on running techniques, safety information, injury avoidance, race and run events, or just hang out with fellow running enthusiasts.  Basically just sustain and even increase your interest in and passion for  running.

Why not start your own running regimen?  The great thing about running is you just get up and go.  No fuss, no frills.  And a whole lot of thrills

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