Sep 11, 2013

Why Prayer is the Best Stress Reliever

We are biological organisms, albeit in a most advanced stage. As such, we are subject to the physical laws of biology. We are born, we grow, we die, and in between birth and death, we live. In the process of living, we encounter conditions in our environment that either hamper or promote our living. We can call these encountered conditions as stress.

Whenever conditions change, our body is built to react, and that is where the stress comes from. The way we handle stress can have a significant impact to our mental and physical well-being.

To banish stress, try prayers. There have been several studies that reveal the efficacy of prayers in alleviating health problems.

Beyond the empirical studies, many personal accounts of the stress-relieving power of prayer also circulate in the web.  It makes perfect sense that prayers can remove stress and promote good health and well-being.  Here's how:

  1. Prayer is a form of meditation.  It puts the body in a state of relaxation and rest.  Stress is at once relieved from the body when it is no longer uptight, tense or agitated.
  2. Prayer is a form of worship.  It puts the body in a state of exultation, joy and happiness.  Whatever stress in mind, body and spirit is removed and replaced by a general state of well-being.
  3. Prayer is a form of supplication.  There is a kind of release in the simple act of confiding your troubles to a personal God.  And since the relationship with a personal deity is based in the core belief that God has the power to work miracles, then the act of asking for something through prayer carries with it the confidence or the hope that a solution is forthcoming in the future, banishing worry.
  4. Prayer is a form of cleansing.  When you ask for forgiveness for wrong acts done, people slighted, negative thoughts, words and actions delivered, prayers restore and refresh the body, mind and spirit.

Getting into the regular habit of prayer can work wonders in your life, by removing stress, in such a way that no amount of stress-busting methods like entertainment, sports,  shopping or medicine can equal.


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