Sep 21, 2013

What is Single?

Single is a marital or relationship status.  You know, one of the choices that we need to answer in many forms that we fill-up, like credit cards, censuses, job applications, and the like.   The only possible answers to the question of marital status are really just "single" or "married".  But these days, we tend to complicate this with more options (seeing that the world is not really just black and white, so do "married" or "single" become insufficient).   Enter "divorced", stage right.  Or "widowed", "cohabiting", or even "unmarried partners".

Over at Facebook, there are currently nine(!) marital or relationship statuses, 10 if you count the "--" status which probably means you don't know what state you are in.  Facebook is extra-creative: "in a relationship", "engaged", "in an open relationship" and a big-hit with us: "it's complicated."

Focusing on single, it's the opposite of being unmarried.  It is synonymous to being only one, solitary, alone.  Individualized.

You can either be a happy single or a miserable one.  They say it's a choice of being.

What do you say?

“I like being single, I'm always there when I need me.” ― Art Leo 


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