Jan 26, 2012

Joy of Writing = Joy of Reading

Got the first comment from my first-ever reader, Sheena, and I'm ecstatic! Sheena read my first-ever post What's in a blog name? and posted a nice comment.

Albeit, Sheena is an online marketer doing SEO work for a client, but it's still nice of her to leave a nice message and say hi for stopping by. I consider it good luck that the first reader liked the first post of this blog. Thank you, Sheena!

Many people don't realize it, but writing can be a difficult task. There is a side of the brain that works to fuse together words and thoughts. There's the added struggle to make the words flow like music or water or something harmonic and beautiful. Even the most gifted of writers undergo this process, I think. It's not on the side of easy, mind. The point is that writing can be a humbling experience for any writer. It is a struggle, and often a wish that the struggle is appreciated by even even one reader. Even the proudest and most successful of writers beg.

So when readers appreciate and take delight in what they read, the writer is happy. Well-worth the effort, as they say. The deepest wish of a writer is to channel his or her joy when he or she was doing the writing into the reader's joy when he or she is doing the reading.

Otherwise, what would be the point of even lifting a finger to type the first letter?


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