Jan 26, 2012

The journey of a thousand steps

I slow down by speeding up. Is there something wrong with this sentence? Let me explain.

Can you relate when I say that we are on overdrive mode most hours of our everyday life? We wake up, eat, shower and hit the ground running, literally. We do our work, go to school, see to the kids, chat with friends, argue with our bosses, quarrel with the hubby or partner, scheme, plot, love, fight, and a lot more stuff that set our day in a whirlwind of activities.

When we are required to maintain a performance-level kind of life, where we are always "on", it gets kind of tiring after a while. Stress levels can kill, literally. When you feel the onset of burn-out or a nervous breakdown, try an effective counter-strategy: speed up.

How do you that? Take my case, for instance. There are miles of open roads and pathways at the university near to where I live. I either walk, jog or run. It's good for the body according to science. But it's also good for the mind and the soul.

When my feet are pounding the ground, I take stock of the things I experience at that moment. The sun shining and warming my skin, the feel of the breeze in my hair, the greens of shrubs and trees and plants. It does you a world of good to nod and smile at strangers you meet along the way.

It's always a journey, and always an exhilarating experience. Your mind is free from cares and worries for a little while. You think differently and of other things than what you normally think about. And at the end of it, you feel a good kind of tired, as if you have cleared the cobwebs in your mind and exorcised the negative vibes in your soul.

And lastly, it reaffirms your belief in the order of things when you feel your heart pounding, your body aching, and your breathe catching -- reminding you that you are still alive and that this is exactly the way to live.


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