Jan 1, 2012

About Us


I'm Tins.  I'm a database administrator by profession, but a writer at heart.  I can be technical and geeky, emotional and creative at the same time.  The left and right sides of my brain are always in contention, so you can just imagine how it is for me.  Everyday.

Tin's Corner is a personal blog for sharing tips, knowledge and ideas in all topics under the sun.  It's all about life and all there is to it.  This blog is a menagerie of all things in life that touch me, move me, make me laugh, anger me, inspire me.  There are days that the left side of my brain wins, so those days the posts will probably reflect this.  When it's the right side, well... you will know that too.

I hope this blog will be worth your time, and I sincerely hope you take something from this when you leave.




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